NCAA  Squares Pool - Scholarship Fundraiser

Once the pool fills, the numbers on the top and the side will be randomly drawn. For each game of the tournament, the owner of the square corresponding to the final digit of the winning team's score and the final digit of the losing team's score wins the prize for that game. For example, if the final score is 56-48, the owner of the square with winning number 6 and losing number 8 wins the prize for that game. The cost of each square is $100, please see the instructions below on how to make your payment to the Booster club. Thank you for supporting this fundraising event and good luck to you. Squares must be purchased by Thursday, March 17th.

From each square purchased, $30 will go to the NCHS Redhawk Club and directly fund our scholarships. Money will be paid out at the end of the tournament. An email will go out to all participants after each round announcing the winners. Each square has 64 chances to win back at least $100. 

How to sign up for squares

  1. Click here and choose your square 
  2. Pay for your square.  There are 3 options to pay:
    1. Click here and donate $100
    2. Venmo: @redhawk440
    3. PayPal: 630-470-0675    


  # Games Prize Total Payout Per Round
First Round 32 $100 $3,200
Second Round 16 $100 $1,600
Sweet Sixteen 8 $125 $1000
Elite Eight 4 $150 $600
Final Four 2 $175 $350
Championship 1st half 1 $100 $100
Final Score 1 $200 $200